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Hello Guys, There is many reason behind the starting of some reasons are common like other general persons so now in this article we will tell you about how and why we started a new blog I took engineering admission in vtu and after studying four year i got my engineering degree from Bangalore based college. As you the college has good ranking and reputation in educational field so nearly all students got jobs in software or in core filed so I also placed in the good and reputed company. So after getting jobs everyone is feeling happy but that happy days ends when people start working in that so when we starting work we are no longer a human being, we work like as robot so i just want to leave that jobs how would you leave if you don’t have any other income.

Many people who don’t have much interest in the software jobs they wants to leave the jobs but people don’t have any other options that’s why they don’t leave the jobs. So luckily I meet one guy who is doing blogging and they had more than ten blogs some blogs and earning handsome amount. I got lot of information about the blogging from that person so after getting information about this field, I want to start or enter in this field so I am unable to find what is my first blog name and what I will post on that so at random it come in mind about VTU because whoever studying in the university they understand the pain of many things like where find study material, notes, previous year question and many more.

I just started the reading other blogs and suddenly I read one person blogs who also given about the income of his through the blog and I was shocked that people are earning that much through the blogging and that time I decided that I will publish and start my new blogs. So I want to choose the topic through which more and more people will get benefits from that so I think that education related information will help to millions of person so choose VTU because personally I studied in the VTU so I have idea that how students face problem in VTU and what type of information students needs when they study in VTU.

Students who are studying in VTU they understand how much difficult to clear the semester as well as internal exams. So to keep in mind that I created this platform that is called where you will get all types of information related to the VTU. All information about the VTU has published on this blog if you need some other information which is not published on this page then comment below of this page, as per the availability of the information I will update on the website. Peoples who want to send suggestions then I will appreciate your effort and you can send on my facebook page. Also follow out Facebook and google+ page for the all latest update about the university news.

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