How to Score 35 in VTU External Examination?

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score 35 in vtu

May be this question shocks to some students but it is very big problem for those aspirants who unable to score 35 in external examination.
So here VTUAdda has point out the some main concerns and issue and how to get out of all those issue. So guys this is also effective who wants to score more marks in VTU Exams.

Some aspirants every time raise question in mind that what toppers write in answer sheet which helps in scoring 90+ Marks in all subjects.

So stay here, you will get all secrets of toppers. That will definitely help in scoring more than 35+ marks in all subjects.

Sometime VTU results gave shock to many students and especially for those aspirants who are attending backlog examination.

Me and My friend always enjoy party when cleared all subjects and this is true for all VTU aspirants but not for Topppppppppers.

But sadly this is not true for many VTU aspirants and many are unable to find out where they did mistakes.

  • We are focusing on one of biggest issue of VTU and Aspirants will definitely get some helps who score low but FCD and Toppers. All “AAN BAN AND SAAN = toppers” stay away and you better focus on next semester planning.

Is toppers score marks by doing some Rocket Science in answer sheet ?  Definitely No.

Then how they got so much number

So Secrets of Toppers

  • They Study what they Like
  • They attend class room proper way
  • As per study if you increase attending class, changes of getting good result will also increase
  • They write paper in neat and clean way
  • They always answer to those questions whose answers are fully available.
  • They provide proper diagram where need with proper notation of things.
  • They study whole year but they never told that

We sure that you never did all of these things and is it hard to do that. Our answer is no and we are telling how you adopt all those things without stressing mind and with enjoying you college life.

Some Key planning and smart studying will helps in scoring 35. See some key points related to that.

“Smart Way of Choosing VTU Chapter for Final Exam Question Paper “

First, Most of VTU Subject’s first chapter is easy so it is good options to study but always check in VTU syllabus. After researching on these topics, we found that most of subjects have these options but some subjects will back fire on your thoughts so always cross check.  Second, you should choose those chapters in which you have attended classes most. If you not attend classes then you are not going to attend exam. Third, you must have question bank of last 10 year and check which captors question repeat in one year or two year.

Always Study when you like to study and what you like to study         

It is true that if you anything likes to study then you mind must like what you study. If you will do like that then you learn lot of things in very less time. This proved by much research foundation so must adopt this if you want to score good in VTU Examination. Always study which chapter is you like to study and definitely you will like three units out of five and in this way you can able to do preparation for three units.

Keep Stress away in Examination Time

Many aspirants become so stress that they unable to do preparation any subjects so don’t think what you have not studied and thing which chapter you have studied in proper way. You should prepare those questions in very strong way so that no question will left out. If you study three questions in proper way then you can able to attend at 50% question paper. Take proper rest every day and study when you like to study. Never study whole night because it will create more stress and tension on your mind.

Must Follow Question Bank or Previous Year Question Paper      

It is most important part who wants to score 35 in VTU. VTU repeat many questions after one yer or two year so with the help of question bank, list all repeated question. After that choose which question you want to study and make proper notes of all those question. It will make one step easy to achieve 35 marks in all subjects of VTU.

Things keep in mind while writing VTU Examination Paper

  • Start with that question whose all parts answer is able to do in proper way.
  • Always write in clean manner at least first question
  • Use black pen for writing and pencil for diagram
  • Must put all information in diagram and name must be visible
  • Highlight the word which relate to your question’s answer
  • Never over right and cut too much in between question or sum
  • Always try to attend all questions even if you don’t know the answer.
  • Try to right in point wise so that they can check yur pints in easy way

Aspirants who are facing difficult time in VTU and want to get out of this situation then it definitely helps but you individual efforts must required. Don’t be sad if you get too much back and just follow above given simple steps it will assist you and you will get out in this mess.

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