VTU – Internship Must for All Colleges BE and ME Final Year Students

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Wow! Good news is coming for all VTU last year aspirants. University has decided to introduce internship curriculum in final year of BE and ME courses. University has taken long time to introduce these systems. Internship Program is must in BE and ME degree according to current scenario of industry as well as demand of IT industry.

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Every year thousands of aspirants taking BE and ME degree in different courses but all degree holders are unable to full fill demand of Industry. Only small portions of aspirants have skill and knowledge as per the requirements of Industry. Many big IT company saying that for changing the pattern of BE and ME. They want to make skill full graduate not just degree holders dub engineers.

VTU adopt new things very fast manner but due to some reasons it took so much time to implement internship programme. Now VTU in action mode related to this system and due to that it has talked with various people on industry label and educated person so that they will help in implementing these things. You know, Internship for final year students is not about just implementation it’s about best way of implementation.

Advantage for VTU Internship Program

  • 8 Week Scheduled Program : – It is 8 week Program for the 7 semester students of BE courses and 3rd semester students of ME courses. All candidates must attend 8 week internship Program . VTU will take examination of that internship that means you will not bypass by just submitting certificates like other university. The exam process of internship Program and marks for that are still not decided so students should wait for new notice.
  • VTU Assist for Internship: – In most of the university, Student itself arrange for internship Program but in VTU they will arrange or conduct the placement like things for the internships. VTU talking for various small as well as large IT industries for internship Program .
  • VTU Internship Curriculum: – As per VTU recent notice, It is implemented on pilot project basis and after that it will be available for all VTU affiliated college. Candidate must attend examination based what type of internship he/she has attended. So you must learn in internship which will help you in taking placements.

Benefits of VTU Internship Program

  • First of all, It is a great initiative for all VTU aspirants through this initiative you have chance to learn something new.
  • It will give you some exposure about what you have studied or what you will do when you join any industry.
  • All internship related placements will be assisted by VTU in different countries or they will conduct internship placements drive.
  • If you will work or do internship in good way then you may be selected for jobs or absorbed by that company.
  • This type of Program will help you in learning new technology as well as help in final yer placements.
  • You can choose technology in which you have interest so this best way to learn new technology.

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